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... is a loose association of like-minded, exquisitely congenial illustrators with a spectacular repertoire and unbeatable methods.
Working next door to one another, we are developing a variety of work in all different kinds of illustration, solo or in co-production.

roter teufel

Christiane Strauss:

An extravaganza, colours flexible and profound, illustrious valuables for magazines and papers

Jeanne Kind:

Delicate, infantile and affectionately, for everybody who doesn't want to grow out of children's books

Pablo Neva:

Art Design beyond the mean, glaring, free-spirited, always keen on experimenting – a border crosser of good taste

Ki Vasco:

A microcosmic communications system, an invitation into a universe of footed cooking pots, siamese toothbrush und suction cupping triplets

Merce Ouddorp:

Visionary, meditative, colourful und fantastic, for all what lives between the lines


We lurk outside the range of our plate for prime people to present on our web site. In turn we invite not only our colleagues but everybody who feels like it to start an online project with us.
Regardless whether you are an artist or illustrator, butcher, manager or chestnutseller: Call us!

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